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Ashes 2021-22: Ben Stokes Narrates Story Of Almost Choking On A Tablet

Ben Stokes T20 World Cup
Ben Stokes (Credit: Getty Images)

Ben Stokes is a part of the England squad that will be playing in the Ashes down under. The all-rounder have recovered from his share of injuries and boosted England’s chances through his inclusion in the team. The first Test starts on December 8 at The Gabba.

Meanwhile, Ben Stokes nearly choked on a tablet. In his column for The Mirror, Ben Stokes shared the entire incident and revealed how relieved he was once the tablet was finally out. The all-rounder had taken a break from the sport to focus on his mental well-being and mend the injury to his finger. Stokes eventually managed to get the tablet out after a lot of resistance.

“It was actually down to a simple tablet that went down the wrong way, and got stuck in my windpipe causing me to choke horribly before the glands in my face went into overdrive to flush it out.Until it actually came out, I thought this might be the end. We’ve all had those moments when something gets stuck in the throat, and usually someone can help you out.”

“But I was on my own in my room and I couldn’t breathe as it became lodged and started to dissolve. It felt like my mouth was on fire. The team doctor came to see me straight away and she explained what had happened with the body reacting the way it did. I’m glad it did, even though I was a mess.”

Ben Stokes Hitting The Nets In Practice Session

Watch: Ben Stokes gets ready for the Ashes; smashes balls in the net session | CricketTimes.com

He further said how at the practice session, a throwdown from England batting coach Jonathan Trott hit him in the forearm leading him to believe that it is broken.

“After all the drama of the morning, I was happy to get a bit of training in later on, but then came another scary moment as I got hit on the forearm by a ball from our batting coach Jonathan Trott. I was in agony, and I couldn’t lift it thereafter. I thought it was broken”

“Thankfully the pain and reaction settled down once I was back in the dressing room and the physios could be sure it wasn’t actually a break. It was only after I got back to my hotel room that I took stock of what a day I’d had. The adrenaline had worn off and I was exhausted. Happy that I’m here to tell the tale, but hoping that my pre-Test dramas are now over.”

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