Home Cricket News Ashes 2023: Steve Smith Opens Up On Jonny Bairstow’s Poor Sledge Attempt During Day 3

Ashes 2023: Steve Smith Opens Up On Jonny Bairstow’s Poor Sledge Attempt During Day 3

Ashes 2023: Steve Smith Opens Up On Jonny Bairstow’s Poor Sledge Attempt During Day 3

Despite Australia’s dominance in the match, wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow attempted a sledge that failed to faze Steve Smith.

At the time, Australia was comfortably placed at 123/2, with Smith at the crease.

When Smith left a delivery from James Anderson, Bairstow, collecting the ball, initiated a lighthearted exchange with the Australian batsman.

Steve Smith was puzzled by Jonny Bairstow’s failed attempt to taunt him during Day 3 of the 2nd Ashes 2023 Test at Lord’s

Known for his idiosyncratic mannerisms, Smith’s movements caught Bairstow’s attention, and he saw an opportunity to taunt Smith.

Bairstow humorously remarked, “I reckon you’re the next on Strictly Australia.”

However, Bairstow seemed unaware that the show “Strictly Come Dancing” is referred to as “Dancing With The Stars” in Australia.

Smith, unable to comprehend the reference, replied, “What’s that?”

Realizing that his sledge had been lost in translation, Bairstow explained, “Bit of dancing for you.”

However, Smith appeared unimpressed and swiftly dismissed the conversation with a curt response, saying, “Wouldn’t have thought so.”

This incident shed light on England’s frustration during the match.

On Day 2, England had ended their innings at 278/4, but their batting performance on Day 3 was lackluster as they only managed to add 47 more runs, ultimately being bowled out for 325.

In contrast, Australia extended their first-innings lead of 91 runs by scoring an additional 130 runs and still had eight wickets in hand.

Despite rain affecting the final hour of play on Day 3, Australia remained in control of the Test.

England found themselves in a precarious situation, needing early breakthroughs on Day 4 to prevent Australia from setting a daunting target.

The incident between Bairstow and Smith exemplified England’s frustration and their attempt to disrupt the composure of the Australian team.

However, it was clear that Australia’s dominant position in the match had rendered Bairstow’s sledge ineffective.

As the Ashes Test continued, all eyes were on the upcoming days to see if England could turn the tide in their favor.

With Australia firmly in control, it would require a remarkable effort from England’s bowlers to stage a comeback and avoid a daunting chase in the match.

Overall, Bairstow’s failed sledge added a touch of humor to the intense cricketing battle, showcasing the competitive spirit and mind games that often accompany high-stakes Test matches like the Ashes.

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