The upcoming edition of the Big Bash League (BBL) will see a couple of interesting changes including the inclusion of so-called X-factor substitute. In total, the organisers have introduced three new rules to make the game more exciting and thrilling for the fans.

Meanwhile, teams will be allowed to use one X-factor player after the 10th over of the game to replace a batsman or, for the fielding team, a bowler who has bowled no more than one over. Under the traditional cricket rules, substitute players can field but aren’t allowed to bat or bowl.

On the other hand, the other two changes allow for a power surge — a two-over power play for the batting team at any stage of the second half of an innings when only two players will be allowed in fielding positions outside the inner-ring.

BBL brings three changes

To accommodate that power surge, the power play to start each innings will be reduced from six to four overs. The other rule change involves a bonus competition point, to be called a ”bash boost,” being awarded halfway through the second innings to the team with the best 10-over score.

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Cricket Australia”s head of BBL’s Alistair Dobson admitted that they are confident that these changes will make the game more interesting and it will be loved by the fans immensely.

“The …(changes) prioritize scoring, exciting cricket, introduce new strategic angles and ensure there”s always something to play for throughout the entire match,” Dobson said in a statement on Monday.

“We’re confident our fans will love what these innovations bring to the game,” he added. 

The upcoming Big Bash League is set to start from December 10.