Ben Stokes Shares Abusive Texts From A Harasser On Instagram

Ben Stokes (Credit: Twitter)

The England all-rounder Ben Stokes has shared multiple messages of a harasser on Instagram. Stokes is currently in New Zealand with his ailing father. The cricketer has never been afraid to acts upon trollers and tormentors on social media.

Now again, Stokes has sent a loud on clear message about how offensive some of the people can be on the digital platform. Stokes shared screenshots of a user @uzi1248 and revealed the hateful and inhuman things he said to the cricketer.

Understandably Stokes was disturbed with these pathetic messages and openly shared the username of the harasser.

Ben Stokes Shares Abusive Texts From A Harasser 

Stokes wrote, “Some of the stuff you get sent” on top of the picture.

The abuser described Stokes as “an absolute clown and a disgrace”.

Not only that he cursed Stokes and his family and wished death upon them. He further called him a traitor who he wishes gets robbed and becomes homeless and poor.

“I would like you to jump off a building high enough to hurt you but not kill you and you become disabled stuck to a wheelchair. And then what happens I hope you get robbed so then your lonely and poor”, the abuser wrote.

Courtesy: Instagram

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Well, people seldom take unethical advantage of social media and write all sorts of rubbish and still get away with. Celebrities like Stokes are often targeted by these clowns who without thinking cross the line with disgraceful comments.

It’s high time that trollers like these are taught a lesson and put behind bars for their actions. Furthermore, the all-rounder has decided to be with his family during trying times and is not featuring in IPL 2020. The Rajasthan Royals franchise has already affirmed that Stokes will not be rushed to playing in the league this year as a family should always come first.

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