As fantasy sports enthusiasts, we have seen a lot of ups and downs this year and oh my god, they were excruciating. Will cricket make a comeback this year and the Indian Premier League happen or will it get cancelled? Will the T20 world cup happen or not? There were so many questions and absolutely no answers.

No official bodies were there to take our questions and just kept stalling but can we really blame them? No, because no one knew how the coronavirus outbreak will affect the sports community and when there are no real sports, the fantasy sports federation will obviously suffer.

Do you know the way?

You must be familiar with the proverb where there’s a will there’s a way and this proverb stand true here because the way this coronavirus outbreak situation is handled in the terms of cricket is really commendable. With ICC releasing a new set of rules for all the players and the players returning back to the pitch with full force is really a view to look out for. Unfortunately, we cannot go to the stadiums to witness the cricketers in their glory but we can watch the matches on or television screens.

It’s Cricket time

If you are a cricket enthusiast then you already know that Test cricket is back and England is the current champ, One-day international matches are back, England is playing against Ireland in an ongoing series and pretty soon T20 matches will also make a comeback starting from the Caribbean Premier League which is scheduled for 18th of August 2018. Then we have the fan-favourite T20 Blast starting from Aug 27th. Then we have the father of all T20 formats, the Indian Premier League which will start in September or October, and finally, we’ll end the year with ever so amazing Big Bash League.

Plenty of chances

So there will be plenty of opportunities for all the fantasy cricket enthusiasts to earn real money. There are so many great matches scheduled for the rest of the year and all of those matches are just around the corner. In order to earn real cash through fantasy cricket, you need a trustworthy platform and we cannot recommend BalleBaazi enough.

Change your fantasy to reality

There is this phenomenon called fantasy cricket which is fairly new so we know that you won’t have much knowledge about it. But worry not, let us explain. In fantasy cricket, you have to make a team and you have to think calculatively.

After selecting the team you have to select a captain and a vice-captain both of which will help you win the match because in fantasy sports whatever your captain and vice-captain scores it gets multiplied by 2 and 1.5 which gives you a good amount of total.

Fantasy Cricket

You can watch your game while managing your team in the comfort of your home. If you are new in the world of fantasy sports then you can update yourself with the knowledge of cricket players, stadiums, pitches, and everything related to cricket. But how to do all this? Let us show you the way.

BalleBaazi for the Win

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As the name suggests, BalleBaazi started with cricket as its primary sport but then branched out in several other games like football, kabaddi, basketball, and baseball. Not only just cricket but you can earn real cash through these other sports that they offer.

If you are a fan of football then go on and make a football team, If you think your knowledge of basketball is impeccable then make a basketball team. There is literally nothing stopping you from earning real money online. So take out your smartphone and download BalleBaazi. Apply your knowledge and start earning real cash right now.


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