How To Kickstart Your Fantasy Cricket Journey?

India is popular for many things like its culture, heritage and film industry among others. One particular thing that is known worldwide about India is our love for cricket. From America to Iran everybody knows that Indians are crazy about cricket. The sport of cricket is so popular in India that many of the people have this misconception that India is our national sport when in reality the concept of national sport doesn’t even exist in India.

For cricket fans, the year of 2020 has been rather salty because all of the major cricket events like IPL and Twenty20 world cup have been cancelled or postponed. We are in the midst of a countrywide lockdown. COVID-19 came like a fatal blow for almost all of the industries and work sectors throughout the world. We have been guided by our government to stay at home and right now we have no other options but to follow what the government officials have ordered.

Ray of Hope

There are still some fantasy sports apps which have been showing the players a ray of hope with organising virtual tournaments and adding more games to their catalogue. One such app is BalleBaazi, they have just introduced popular games like Basketball and Baseball. Before we talk about cricket a little more, let’s understand what is Fantasy Cricket

The Basics

Fantasy cricket is one of a kind activity. It is experienced best with live matches going on but as stated before we are in the middle of lockdown so live matches won’t be possible for quite some time. Playing fantasy sports is very much playing like a real match of cricket. You have to make a team and you have to think calculative.

Fantasy Cricket

After selecting the team you have to select a captain and a vice-captain both of which will help you win the match because in fantasy sports whatever your captain and vice-captain scores it gets multiplied by 2 and 1.5 which gives you a good amount of total and the best part is that you have to go nowhere. You can watch your game while managing your team at the comfort of your home. If you are new in the world of fantasy sports then you can update yourself with the knowledge of cricket players, stadiums, pitches and everything cricket related to cricket.

Once you are through everything you’ll be able to make a team confidently which will help you win a lot of real cash. Right now is the best time to practice your skills as a novice because once the lockdown is over and the cricket matches are live there will be a lot of chances to win huge amounts of real cash online.

The Tool

So there you have it, the formula is almost the same for other sports as well. So in order to practise for fantasy cricket, you can make teams in other sports such as football, basketball and baseball. By doing this you’ll get the idea of how you can earn more and more through fantasy cricket. Once the matches are back, there will be no stopping you at all and you can easily become the ultimate fantasy player.

If you are really interested in fantasy sports then you can start your journey with BalleBaazi the fantasy sports app. They have a user base of 4 million sports lovers and have the support of world-renowned cricketer Yuvraj Singh as the brand ambassador.

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