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I Still Feel A World Event Will Not Happen In Pakistan: Aakash Chopra

Former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra opined that International Cricket Council will not give hosting rights to Pakistan in near future

Aakash Chopra T20 World Cup Aakash Chopra-Shreyas Iyerr
Aakash Chopra Photo Credit (Twitter)

International Cricket Council ( ICC ) has announced the next eight-year global tournament cycle. The eight-year tournament cycle is between the years 2024 and 2031. Meanwhile, 17 countries have shown their interest in hosting global events in this eight-year cycle. Also, Pakistan is among the 17 countries that want to host the tournaments. However, Aakash Chopra believes it’s highly unlikely the International cricket council will give hosting rights to Pakistan.


Former Indian opener uploaded the 7th episode of his YouTube series called ‘Betway Cricket Chaupaal’. In the video, Chopra doubted that Pakistan will be given the opportunity to host the ICC events. Aakash Chopra asserted:

“Pakistan has said they want to host. There is nothing wrong with that if they want to host. But will it actually happen, will it come to pass, I really doubt if Pakistan will actually be able to host a world event at this point in time.”

Cricketer turned commentator pinpointed that international matches and series are happening in Pakistan. Also, Chopra said it will be a great step towards Pakistan’s inclusion in world cricket as far as hosting is concerned. Still, he opined hosting world events in Pakistan will not happen in near future. Aakash Chopra stated :

“Matches are happening there, PSL happened there and teams are also going, England and Australia tours are aligned there. If that happens it will be a huge step forward towards the reinclusion of Pakistan in international cricket as far as playing in Pakistan is concerned. But I still feel a world event will not happen there.”


Aakash Chopra pinpointed shared event is the only way Pakistan can stage the ICC tournament in the country. According to Aakash if India and Sri Lanka are acting as co-hosts then only Pakistan can host the ICC events. Also, ICC will have back-ups if things don’t go the right way.

No ICC events in West Indies or New Zealand believes Aakash Chopra

The 43-year-old added that due to time zone issues ICC events are highly unlikely to take place in West Indies or New Zealand. He elaborated:

“The 17 nations who have put their chits and no one knows what process will be used to decide the hosting rights, but it is 100% sure that it will not happen in the West Indies or New Zealand. A world men’s event is not going to happen in these countries because their time zone doesn’t suit us.”

Aakash Chopra concluded that other than Asia, only countries like England, South Africa, and Australia can host the global event. He elaborated:

“The practical ones are the Indian subcontinent, England, South Africa. Australia is ideally only for the World T20 and not the 50-over World Cup but it is also a big nation, so they will keep them in the scheme of things.”

Aakash Chopra mentioned that the global broadcasting rights for ICC events are most likely to be taken by an Indian company. Also, the Indian company will further sell the rights to other regions. So in that case broadcasters have to prefer Indian viewer-friendly timings.

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