Home Cricket News ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: “He Always Had A Plan”: Pat Cummins On Glenn Maxwell

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: “He Always Had A Plan”: Pat Cummins On Glenn Maxwell

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: “He Always Had A Plan”: Pat Cummins On Glenn Maxwell

After an exhausting performance in the current World Cup 2023 Match between Australia and Afghanistan, Glenn Maxwell referred to Tuesday night as something special. His captain, Pat Cummins, called it the “greatest ever” ODI innings.

Cummins watched the incredible display closely as Maxwell battled through cramps to score an astonishing 201 runs, leaving Afghanistan in awe. Maxwell acknowledged that he had a couple of opportunities where Afghanistan dropped catches when Australia was in a difficult situation.

Despite those chances, he was proud of his remarkable performance. For the captain, who was watching closely during a world record partnership of 202 runs, it was a moment he’ll never forget.

“Ridiculous. Don’t know how to describe it. Great win! It has got to be the greatest thing that has ever happened. One of those days people will say yeah, I was at the stadium for this game,” Cummins said after the game.

Australia secured a place in the Cricket World Cup 2023 semifinals by defeating Afghanistan

Maxwell was slightly upset with the critics who had counted out the Australian team after they lost two consecutive games to India and South Africa.

“Amazing, after the first two games, people were quick to write us off. The belief was always there (as a team), after today, it would have gone a bit higher.”

Maxwell mentioned that his cramps were because of the very hot weather and not doing his physical exercises before the match.

“It was hot while fielding today, I haven’t done a lot of exercise in the heat, it got a hold on me today. I wanted to stay back and get some movement (on my legs).”

Maxwell explained that he had to stay optimistic when his team was facing a possible humiliating loss, with the score at 92 for 7.

“Not too much (plans), just stick to the batting plans as much as possible, for me, still be positive, still look to play my shots,” he said.

The decision review system (DRS) call that went in his favour gave him relief and encouraged him to start attacking.

“That lbw. It was going just above (the stumps), probably that made me be more proactive. A hint of swing and nip (off the surface), as it happens here under lights, they bowled beautifully to exploit that.” Cummins felt that Maxwell always had a plan.

“He (Maxwell) was great, he was calm. He always had a plan. Even from 200 behind to be able to win the game that way, it was really special.”

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