Home Cricket News “If There’s One Thing I’d Like To Pick Up From Virat Kohli, It’s His Dancing Skills”- Gautam Gambhir

“If There’s One Thing I’d Like To Pick Up From Virat Kohli, It’s His Dancing Skills”- Gautam Gambhir

“If There’s One Thing I’d Like To Pick Up From Virat Kohli, It’s His Dancing Skills”- Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir, mentor of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), and Virat Kohli, the star batter of Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB), have frequently made news due to their past confrontations on the field.

However, Gambhir holds Kohli in high esteem and has openly acknowledged the competitiveness between them, both striving for their teams’ victories.

In an exclusive conversation with Sportskeeda on SK Match ki Baat, Gautam Gambhir playfully expressed his desire to acquire some dance moves from Virat Kohli. He remarked:

“Even if I want to, I cannot pull off even one move. So if I had to learn something from Virat, it would be his dance moves (smiles).”

Recently, during a strategic timeout in a match between KKR and RCB in Bengaluru, Gautam Gambhir and Kohli shared a friendly hug on the field.

The clip gained widespread attention, prompting Kohli to humorously remark at a promotional event that many would have been disappointed by the lack of a heated exchange between them.

Gambhir concurred with Kohli’s observation, suggesting that the media often seeks to portray a rift between them for sensationalism.

“It is all about TRPs. Media has got no clue what kind of a person I am, what kind of a person Virat is. All the media wants to do is create hype. But hype can also be created in a positive way,” Gambhir said.

He added:

“I absolutely second what Virat said. Logon ka masala nahi mila toh (The gossip bit is over for people). As I said, when two people are matured enough, I don’t think so anyone has got any right to interfere between two people’s life or their relationships because ultimately, it is between two of them.”

Before the reverse fixture between KKR and RCB at the Eden Gardens, Kohli and Gambhir were once more observed engaging in casual conversation on the sidelines of a practice session.

Gautam Gambhir’s perspective on the discussion surrounding Virat Kohli’s strike rate

Much discussion has arisen regarding the significance of strike rate in contemporary T20 cricket, with some questioning whether Virat Kohli’s approach aligns with the demands despite his considerable run tally.

However, Gautam Gambhir highlighted the necessity of considering factors such as match circumstances, playing conditions, and venue. He expressed:

“Every player has a different game. What Maxwell can do, Kohli cannot and what Kohli can do, Maxwell cannot. You need to have different types of batters in your XI. If from No.1 to No.8 you stack it up with explosive batters, you may score 300 but also get bowled out for 30.”

He added:

“When you win, even a strike rate of 100 is good. but when you lose despite having a strike rate of 180, no one talks about it. That is the reality. Strike rate is directly related to conditions, opposition, venue, match situation”

Virat Kohli maintains his position as the current holder of the Orange Cap, amassing 430 runs from nine innings at an impressive average of 61.42 and a strike rate of 145.76. He has registered one century and three half-centuries during this period.

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