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Top 5 Instances When Cricketers Battled Injuries To Play For Their Team

Top 5 Instances When Cricketers Battled Injuries To Play For Their Team
Steve Smith Struck by a bouncer.

Cricket players take immense pride and honour playing for their respective country. Years of hard work and perseverance leads them to finally realise their childhood dreams. The essence of not only cricket but sport, in general, is uncertainty. An athlete cannot take anything for granted even for a single solitary second.

Sometimes during a match, a player endures a serious injury as he puts his body on the line to still play in the match. This shows the passion and mental toughness of a player who even after suffering still walks out on the field. In the history of the game, there have been several lion-hearted efforts by many players. These cricketers sacrificed their health and safety and still played a part in the match.

Here are a few brave instances when cricketers battled injuries to play for their team:

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5. Steve Smith

England team checking on Smith after his nasty blow.

This is the most recent incident in the list and it features the great Aussie batsman, Steve Smith. The Test match specialist was batting beautifully against England at Lord’s. Then happened the showdown between him and speedster Jofra Archer. The fast bowler bowled a barrage of a bouncer at Smith once there was no other way to dismiss him.

Archer ran in and bowled a brutal bouncer which laid Smith down flat on the ground. The significant incident was greeted by pin-drop silence by the crowd at Lord’s. Smith went through a concussion test and headed back to the pavilion as he needed to rest.

Once another wicket fell, Smith surprised everyone and walked out to bat much to the delight of the crowd. The first ball he faced after returning, Smith slogged it to the mid-wicket fence that was greeted by a huge round of applause. Smith on that day proved the fact that not only he is a great batsman but also a great fighter.

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