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5 Times When Cricketers Showed Sportsman Spirit On The Field

5 Times When Cricketers Showed Sportsman Spirit On The Field
Kane Williamson along with New Zealand cricketers after the ICC World Cup 2019 final.

Cricket is a gentleman’s game and playing within the spirit is an integral part of this great sport. The cricket players are role models for every cricket fan all over the world. Young kids look up to their idols on the field; hence it becomes vital for them to play with proper sportsman spirit of cricket. Cricketers all around the world set great standards on and off the field through good behaviour. Over the years, we have seen many instances where players have shown immense respect for the rules of the game.

Unlike other popular sports such as Football and Rugby, Cricket isn’t a physical sport. It requires great mental fortitude and self-discipline to succeed at the highest level. Gone are the days when Javed Miandad and Dennis Lillee almost had a physical fight in 1981 at Perth. Cricket players now are more matured and friendly with each other which sets the right example on the field.

Here are a few sportsman spirits of cricket displayed the players that won everyone’s heart: 

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5. MS Dhoni calling Ian Bell back to bat again

Sportsman spirit of cricket
Grant Elliot and Dale Steyn after the World Cup semi-final (Photo credit: Getty Images)

India was playing a Test Series in England in 2011. The second test match in Trent Bridge saw a moment that every cricket fan still talks about. The final ball before tea saw a very controversial incident pan out. Eoin Morgan and Ian Bell thought the ball had gone to the boundary. Praveen Kumar, who was the fielder casually threw the ball back to MS Dhoni. Morgan and Bell were going off as they thought it was tea but then sent a run-out decision to the third umpire. India had removed the bails and appealed as the replays showed that it was not a boundary and Bell was out of his crease.

As a result, the Englishmen was given runout on 137, and the English crowd booed the Indian team. England team management requested Dhoni to withdraw their appeal against the dismissal. The Indian captain showed the spirit of cricket and decided to call Ian Bell to bat again after tea. This decision pleased everyone on the ground, and the Indian team were greeted with cheers by the spectators.

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