IPL 2017 : The curious case of Robin Uthappa

IPL 2017 : The curious case of Robin Uthappa :-  Let us have a look at a mysterious case of Robin Uthappa. He does exceptionally well in a season , gets picked to play for India, lack of opportunities cause him to struggle and he gets sidelined again. How unlucky can this man get? No doubt Uthappa is very talented.

He has got every shot in him, picked from the text-book and mastered. You want him to stay in there knocking the ball around for singles? He is up for it. You want him to go big? He”s gonna take the task. But his failures have been taken hard by the selectors while his successes have earned him less fruit.

Neither can you blame the selectors, nor Uthappa. There is so much of competition for a batsman today. Every batsman is scoring runs and it”s inevitable that some great performances get ignored and fade away. What more can Uthappa do, but wait for his chance?

His first couple of games were not quite his best but it looks like he has made his back to form with a match-winning 68 runs from 39 balls to ensure Kolkata Knight Riders set a match-winning 172 runs on the board against Sunrisers Hyderabad.

When declared man of the match, this is what he had to say. “The team requires me to bat an number three. I have taken the challenge on and am willing to do it for the team. It’s a very important position. “

Lets hope his future performances don”t go unnoticed.

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