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IPL 2020: Watch – Take A Sneak Peek Of What’s Inside Virat Kohli’s Kit Bag

IPL 2020: Watch – Take A Sneak Peek Of What’s Inside Virat Kohli’s Kit Bag
Virat Kohli (Credit: Twitter)

The Royal Challengers Bangalore so far in IPL 2020 have proven to be one of the most consistent sides. The star-studded RCB led by Virat Kohli in 7 matches have been on the winning side on 5 occasions. Skipper Kohli after initial struggle found his form and since then has led from the front with the bat.

It’s a well-known fact that Kohli is extremely particular about his cricket gear. From his cricket bats to Gloves and everything else in his kit bag, Virat Kohli takes proper care of it. Recently RCB made all his fans happy by sharing an exclusive video in which Kohli revealed everything that he keeps inside his kit bag.

A Tour Of Virat Kohli’s Kit Bag

The first thing that Virat Kohli informed about was his thigh which has his Test jersey number 269 that is extremely special to him. Also, it was observed that Kohli has around 12 pair gloves a few more because of IPL 2020 being played in UAE.

The RCB skipper also admitted that he likes to put the MRF stickers on his bat himself as it gives him a satisfaction about his willow being match ready.

“There’s an extra RCB cap, a thigh guard that I love using, this one is a one that I have used for a long time now and I love how solid and compact it is. And it has got my test number on it, not the ODI number, not the T20I number, but the Test number. It’s quite special to me.

I have got my MRF pads, red for RCB, really nice pairs, I love getting news pairs probably for every series and tournament that I play, especially for IPL I get all new gear as it happens once a year,” Virat Kohli said in the video.

“I have about 10 or 11 pairs of gloves, purely because of playing in the UAE, it’s hot and humid. A couple of pair of spikes. In the side pocket, I have got my grip cone and my bat stickers – because I get my bats customised and I like to put stickers myself, at home, that’s something which gives me more assurance when my bats are ready,” Virat Kohli added.

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Meanwhile, Virat Kohli also talked about how a cricket kit is always the most special possession for any cricketer. A well-organised kit bag gives the RCB skipper good vibes before the start of a match. Kohli presently has a total of 10 bats for this season of the IPL but he only brings 2-3 bats with him at the practice session in a little zip at the back and saves the new bats for the real matches.

“A cricket kit for any cricketer is the most special thing. As kids, we know how excited we used to be to get a new kit bag, new pads, helmets and bats. I think that feeling of getting the new equipment for something you love doing is something that stays with all cricketers.

I love packing my bag for any new series or tour. Just the smell of new cricket gear, packing my things nicely and knowing something is organised gives me a lot of joy.”

“I have got a little zip at the back – which holds three bats, but I am using only two as if now, I have got another kit bag which has eight more – because it’s a long tournament we are here for three months so I want to bring as many as I can. I am not gonna touch match bats till the time matches start so these two bats have to go through,” Virat Kohli concluded.

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