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IPL 2020: Umpire Changed His Mind Seeing MS Dhoni – Ian Bishop

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Babar Azam, Virat Kohli bat like Sachin Tendulkar, feels Ian Bishop

Yesterday in IPL 2020 late in the match between Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad a huge controversy erupted. The umpiring in IPL once again faced criticism as it seemed Paul Reiffel changed his decision after seeing an animated reaction from MS Dhoni.

It was the 19th over when SRH another 25 runs from 11 balls and Rashid Khan was on strike facing Shardul Thakur. The CSK fast bowler executed a yorker but it looked a wide delivery. Soon after the ball, Paul Reiffel was initially seen giving it a wide but then behind the stumps, Dhoni was seen questioning the umpire’s call.

Paul Reiffel Saw MS Dhoni And Changed His Decision – Ian Bishop

Things got interesting when Reiffel soon reversed his decision and it was counted as a legal delivery. The SRH team was bamboozled with his decision including their skipper David Warner who looked perplexed with the eventual decision made on the field.

Ian Bishop, who is currently one of the most sought-after commentators made a massive claim after the controversy transpired. Post the match, Bishop pointed out that Reiffel altered his decision after the reactions he saw from MS Dhoni.

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“It was wide, it should have been called a wide. He [umpire Paul Reiffel] started calling a wide. He looked up, he saw Dhoni, and he changed his mind,” Bishop was quoted as saying in ESPNcricinfo.

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Meanwhile, the replays told that the delivery should have been called a wide. Even though Rashid Khan slightly shuffled across his off stump but still the ball was beyond the white line which indicates a wide. However, according to the rules what umpire Reiffel did was well within his powers.

Section 2.12 of the IPL match playing condition states, “Umpire’s decision: An umpire may alter any decision provided that such alteration is made promptly. This apart, an umpire’s decision, once made, is final”.

In the end, after the decision, the momentum shifted towards Chennai Super Kings and in the end, they were able to wrap up the match. Sunrisers Hyderabad fell short by 20 runs and Dhoni’s men recorded a crucial win in IPL 2020.

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