Top 5 Funny IPL Commercials That You Might Have Missed

The next IPL season is just around the corner as the tournament will be once again played in India. IPL is more than just about cricket it’s a spectacle that attracts the entire cricketing world every year. The cash-rich league also has a lot of glitz and glamour associated with it as every year the IPL gives us a memorable commercial that forever stays in the mind of the people.

IPL commercials over the years have been larger than life, funny and inspiring much like the tournament. For close two months the best cricketers on the planet feature in one of the biggest sporting extravaganza.

Now since IPL is more than 12 years old we take a look at some of the past old commercials of the tournament which you might have missed. These commercials successfully enhanced the brand of the IPL and attracted every person of the country to get glued to their screens and enjoy all the matches.

Top 5 Funny IPL Commercials That You Might Have Missed]

5. Manoranjan Ka Baap

We take you back to 2008 when The TVC ‘Manoranjan ka Baap’ commercial entertained everyone and help people gain interest in IPL. Back then IPL was an unknown commodity and you needed a larger than life commercial to promote it all over the television.

The ‘Manoranjan ka Baap’ commercial did just and narrated a story of a family comprising a mother and her twin sons named Mano and Ranjan. Like a usual Bollywood movie this IPL commercial too had everything from suspense, drama and humour. In the climax of the commercial, the IPL was tagged at the ‘Manoranjan ka Baap’ which to date stands true all thanks to the famous commercial just before the first season of the IPL.

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