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Jadeja comes up with a witty reply when asked: “What if he became India”s captain?”

Ravi Jadeja is known for his swag, style, and flair. His funky styles of beard, samurai celebration define his personality. From “Revdi” to “Bapu” the Rajput boy has come a long way. However, we haven”t seen a lot of his funny side, sarcasm, and sense of humor from him. Recently he showed glimpses of his sense of humor.

In January India tour South Africa in perhaps their toughest cricketing assignment in 2 years. India is likely to play only one spinner as conditions will be conditions will favor fast bowlers.

When Jadeja was asked which spinner he would play if he were the captain, Jadeja gave a witty reply saying (Via Financial Express), “If I was the captain I would not hand the ball to anyone but keep it to myself instead.”

Then on a serious note, he said, “It all depends on the balance of the team, whose needs are needed. Sometimes in foreign tours, we see that there are more left-handed or right-hand batsmen in the opponent team and according to this team combination is made.”

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Captain Virat Kohli said he cannot guarantee both Jadeja and Ashwin a place in XI. Either of them will be left out. Talking about that Jaddu said, “I can only control the thing that is controllable. When I get a chance, I try to do good. There is no point in thinking about what is not in my hand. If I get a chance to play in South Africa, then I will give my best. The last time I played in the second Test whereas Ashwin featured in the first. It all depends on team combination.”

“I can”t commit to that 100 percent when we play abroad that we will be playing with two spinners, to be honest. It is because we need to have a look at the balance of the side as well. Obviously, those two guys with their batting abilities are both contenders to start a Test match depending upon the batsmen we are up against in the opposition,” Kohli revealed during a press conference in Nagpur on Thursday, November 23

 – by Atharva Apte