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Man Of The Match In Bhopal Cricket Tournament Gets Awarded 5 Litres Of Petrol

Well, for the very first time a man of the match in a cricket match was rewarded with 5 litres of Petrol. Yes, you read it right petrol was the award given to the player of the match in a Bhopal Cricket tournament. The rising petrol price in the country has given headaches to everyone as now even 1 litre of Petrol is worth close to Rs. 100. 

The ruling government of India has time and time faced criticism regarding the soaring petrol prices all over social media. Petrol has now indeed become extremely expensive which is starting to become unaffordable with each passing day. Nevertheless, nobody would have ever imagined Petrol will be the prize for the best performer in a cricket match. The photo of the player winning petrol immediately went viral on Twitter. 

Man Of The Match In Bhopal Cricket Tournament Wins 5 Litres Of Petrol

Usually, prize money or an expensive gadget is given to be a player who wins the man of the match awards. Interestingly, times are changing are so are the rewards as Petrol was given to the best player of the match in Bhopal Cricket. A domestic cricket tournament in Bhopal uniquely highlighted the petrol price problem. 5 litres of petrol in today’s time which is no less than gold now was awarded to a cricketer who was adjudged the best player in the final match.

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Meanwhile, according to reports, the tournament was organised in Bhopal by Congress leader Manoj Shukla. The representative of the opposition party again took a dig at the ruling party and rewarded the player with 5 litres of Petrol as it’s price continues to skyrocket with each day in all parts of the country. Well. It will fair to say that the player who won it would be extremely happy as he will forever be known as the first who won Petrol as the man of the match award in cricket. 

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