Home Cricket News MS Dhoni Limited To Short Appearances Due to Knee Injury, Reveals Coach Fleming

MS Dhoni Limited To Short Appearances Due to Knee Injury, Reveals Coach Fleming

MS Dhoni Limited To Short Appearances Due to Knee Injury, Reveals Coach Fleming

In the 2024 IPL season, CSK’s iconic former captain, MS Dhoni, is delivering short but explosive cameos on the field, and there’s a reason behind it – his knee ain’t doing too well. Coach Stephen Fleming spilled the beans, explaining that despite Dhoni’s superb form, he’s being held back in the batting order due to this pesky knee injury.

Picture this: during a recent clash against Lucknow, Dhoni stepped up with a blistering 28 runs off just 9 balls, knocking 3 boundaries and launching 2 massive sixes. Fleming couldn’t help but sing Dhoni’s praises, highlighting his consistent brilliance since the pre-season. “It’s downright inspiring, mate! Dhoni’s been smashing it, even during our pre-season grind,” Fleming exclaimed.

But here’s the twist: Dhoni’s knee has been giving him grief. Fleming spilled the tea, revealing that Dhoni can only go full throttle for a few overs per game due to this nagging injury. This knee drama isn’t new – Dhoni was hobbling around in the previous IPL season, and it eventually led to surgery. “He’s still on the mend from that knee ordeal,” Fleming explained. Despite this setback, Dhoni’s brief appearances have been nothing short of game-changing for CSK.

Dhoni’s Impact: Crowd Roars as CSK Awaits Top-Order Support

Whenever Dhoni strides onto the field, the crowd goes wild – whether it’s at their home turf or an away game. Fleming stressed the importance of the top-order batsmen stepping up to the plate, so CSK isn’t solely reliant on Dhoni’s fireworks. “It’s high time the rest of the batting squad steps up to the plate,” Fleming declared. Dhoni’s recent knocks, like a lightning-fast 20 off 4 balls and that explosive 28 off 9 balls, have been lifelines for CSK.

In the showdown against LSG, Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja put on a show, driving CSK to a respectable total of 176 runs. But alas, LSG managed to chase it down comfortably. So, there you have it – Dhoni might be delivering short bursts of brilliance, but it’s all part of the game as he battles through his knee troubles, keeping CSK’s hopes alive with every electrifying cameo.

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