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Pragyan Ojha Reveals Why MS Dhoni Does Not Wish Luck To Teammates Before Games

Pragyan Ojha Reveals Why MS Dhoni Does Not Wish Luck To Teammates Before Games

Cricket, a game that has gone through a series of changes over the past few decades. But some things never change, one of them is: ‘the cricketers and their superstitious beliefs. From Sachin Tendulkar to MS Dhoni, everyone has their set of beliefs.

For an instance, Steve Smith, a former Australian cricketer never looks at his shoelace while batting. His pads are engineered in a way that they hide his shoes. There are other instances, also, where the players have shared their routine that they follow during the fixtures, like wearing the lucky t-shirt.

MS Dhoni also believes in superstitions – Pragyan Ojha

Recently, former Indian spinner, Pragyan Ojha revealed that MS Dhoni also sticks to a superstition. The former Indian skipper, now captaining Chennai Super Kings, Dhoni never wishes “best of luck” or “good luck” to his players before the games.

While elaborating why Dhoni practices this, Ojha told India Today, “MSD will never wish his team members ‘all the best’ or ‘good luck’ before a game. Because he feels, if he wishes somebody quite a few players he has wished his players during a game, it ended up in a very different way. That’s maybe why he has stopped it.”

“Once we had a conversation about people having different kinds of sentiments and that’s when he said he never wishes his players before a game. And before the game, none of the players from the opposition to go him. They don’t want any wishes from him,” Ojha said.

After Indian Premier League 2020, an edition that MS Dhoni & co won’t like to remember, his Chennai Super Kings are coming out of their cocoon and keeping their intent strong. They have bounced back to win two games on a trot after losing the first match in IPL 2021 against Delhi Capitals.

“After losing the first match this season, CSK marked their comeback by winning the other two games. When you are playing, you don’t want anyone to say he’s unfit. I have to keep up with the younger guys, they are very fast, it’s good to challenge them,” Dhoni said after CSK’s 45-run victory over Rajasthan Royals.

“Performances are something that’s guaranteed. I wasn’t guaranteeing performances when I was 24. I can’t guarantee when I am 40, but at least if people can’t point finger at me that he’s unfit then that will be a big positive for me,” he added.


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