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Riyan Parag Opens Up About Handling Criticism And Social Media Trolling

Riyan Parag Opens Up About Handling Criticism And Social Media Trolling

Riyan Parag has faced tough times in his cricketing journey, particularly in dealing with criticism and trolling on social media. Despite being young, he’s experienced the harsh realities of professional sports. In the past seasons of IPL, he struggled to make an impact, only managing to score 600 runs in 54 matches. This lacklustre performance subjected him to merciless criticism and ridicule online, turning him into the subject of memes and trolling.

However, in IPL 2024, Riyan has emerged as a transformed player, earning the moniker “Riyan 2.0.” He has showcased renewed determination and resilience, accumulating 284 runs so far in the tournament. His improved performance has silenced his detractors and placed him second on the run-scorers list, just behind the legendary Virat Kohli.

Riyan attributes his turnaround to a shift in mindset. He admits that initially, he took the negative comments and opinions to heart, allowing them to affect his confidence and performance on the field. However, he gradually realized the importance of focusing on his own goals and blocking out external noise. This change in perspective has been instrumental in his recent success.

Working closely with Zubin Bharucha at the Royals Academy in Talegaon, Riyan honed his skills and improved his fitness levels. This dedicated effort bore fruit as he started delivering consistent performances in domestic tournaments leading up to IPL 2024. Under Bharucha’s guidance, Riyan not only improved his cricketing abilities but also learned to handle the pressures of professional cricket more effectively.

Riyan’s Humble Focus: Prioritizing Present Success Over Future Speculation

Riyan Parag

Despite his current success, Riyan remains grounded and focused on the present. While there is speculation about his potential inclusion in the Indian team for upcoming tournaments like the T20 World Cup, he chooses to stay focused on performing well for Rajasthan Royals. He acknowledges that his journey to this point has been unexpected and is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to his team’s success.

Batting at No. 4 in the IPL has been a significant adjustment for Riyan, but one that he has embraced wholeheartedly. He believes that this position allows him to showcase his skills and make meaningful contributions to the team’s batting lineup. Moving forward, Riyan is determined to maintain his current form and continue delivering match-winning performances for Rajasthan Royals.

In summary, Riyan Parag’s journey from facing criticism and trolling to becoming a key player for Rajasthan Royals in IPL 2024 is a testament to his resilience and determination. Through hard work, self-belief, and the support of mentors, he has overcome adversity and emerged stronger than ever.

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