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Sachin Tendulkar Sues Australian Sports Based Organization

Sachin Tendulkar has moved to court against an Australian bat manufacturer for using his name and image as a means to sell their products. Spartan Sports International Limited has been using his images for promotions since 2016. The firm has agreed to pay a royalty of $1mn per year. However, no payment has been made till September 2018 and this made Tendulkar go to the court for legal proceedings.

Sachin Tendulkar acknowledges the cheers after his 92-ball century © Getty Images

According to the deal made with the firm, Sachin should have received over $2 million dollars as of 2018. But as he reports, nothing has been done till now. It is to be noted that David Warner, also sued the same bat when he scored a century against Pakistan in the World Cup. Speaking on the same issue, Warner”s manager said that they have signed the contract with the same firm but if any issues arise like the same, they will also follow Tendulkar”s way.

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The Sydney based firm promoted most of their cricket merchandise using Tendulkar”s name and images by the name “Sachin by Spartan”. Further developments of this news are still expected and it will be interesting what answer does the organization have for Sachin”s move.

Indian young entrepreneur Kunal Sharma is one of the co-founders of this organization.



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