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Sapna Gill Gets Bail, Files FIR Application Against Prithvi Shaw

Sapna Gill Gets Bail, Files FIR Application Against Prithvi Shaw
Prithvi Shaw

Social media influencer Sapna Gill has filed an application seeking the registration of an FIR against Team India cricketer Prithvi Shaw and his friend Ashish Yadav, as per reports. Gill was arrested last week along with other accused for attacking Prithvi and his friend, following an argument over clicking ‘selfies’ with the cricketer at a hotel. The friend, Ashish Yadav’s car was also attacked during the incident.

On Monday, February 20, Sapna Gill was granted bail by a magistrate court. Soon after, she filed an application for FIR through her advocate Kaashif Ali Khan at the Airport police station in Andheri against Shaw, his friend Ashish Yadav and others for alleged molestation and outraging of modesty. According to the application, Sapna and her friend Shobhit Thakur went to the club. The latter spotted Prithvi Shaw, who was partying with his friends at the club. Shobhit approached the cricketer for a selfie but was treated with hostility, the application stated.

“Thakur, who is just a teenager, was unaware of the brutality of the drunken mob. Thakur was helpless and was unable to defend himself. Hence, she (Gill) intervened and entered the fray trying to stop Shaw and others from further harming and injuring Thakur,” as per the application, as reported by Telegraph.

As per the police statement earlier, Sapna Gill and Shobith Thakur approached Prithvi Shaw for selfies. This led to an argument as the cricketer refused to oblige after a couple of photographs. Gill and Thakur along with six other friends waited outside the hotel for Prithvi Shaw and his friend. They allegedly chased them and also broke their car’s windscreen with a baseball bat.

Prithvi Shaw manhandled Sapna Gill, claims application filed with the police

The application further alleged that Prithvi Shaw, who was “inebriated”, manhandled Sapna Gill. She threatened to file a police complaint. The cricketer and others “literally begged” her and requested her not to initiate a complaint, the application states. Mumbai Airport Police Station is yet to convert Sapna Gill’s complaint into an FIR.

Meanwhile, Prithvi Shaw has slapped a case of extortion against the accused, Sapna Gill. Speaking about the extortion case, Sapna Gill said, “They are saying that I have asked for Rs 50,000. What is 50,000 these days? I can make two reels and earn that much in a day. At least, the allegation should have been of a certain level.”

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