Shane Warne Suggests Three Changes in T20 Cricket, Tags Sourav Ganguly On Twitter

Shane Warne: (Photo Credit: Rajasthan Royals/Twitter)

Spin Wizard, Shane Warne, who is currently in the UAE mentoring the Rajasthan Royals in IPL 2020, has come up with three suggestions on the betterment of T20 cricket. Warne has always voiced his opinion regarding the game of cricket and this time it is on its shortest format, the T20. Warne’s suggestion comes at a time when the IPL is on and the batsmen are bossing the game.

Shane Warne took to Twitter and came up with three suggestions which he thinks will make T20 cricket competetive. He has also tagged BCCI President Sourav Ganguly on his tweet, asking for his suggestion as well.

“I would improve T/20 cricket by
1 Boundaries as big as poss at each venue & on small grounds keep grass on the outfield long
2 Bowlers a max of 5 overs not four
3 Pitch must = day 4 test match pitch & not be a flat rd
As we all want a contest between bat & ball not just 6’s,” Warne wrote.

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He also tagged his friends and former cricketers from the cricketing fraternity asking for their suggestions as well. Mark Waugh, his former Australian teammate responded to Warne’s tweet saying leg-byes should be disallowed in T20 cricket. Waugh feels that a leg-bye allows the batsmen to get a run without even playing a shot which should not be the way forward.

“Like it Warnster the only thing you forgot which I’ve been saying for a while is get rid of leg byes. It’s should be a dead ball instead. Don’t reward the batting team for missing the ball.?” Waugh tweeted.

Warne, in one of his earlier tweets, suggested bowlers to not bowl with a defensive mindset in T20 cricket. He asked the bowlers to focus bowling on an attacking length despite being hit for runs. In the process, he also highlighted a need in change of the attitude for the bowlers.

“Batsmen are getting better and have been awesome yes – but the bowling really needs to improve at the same rate! The mindset is defence and not attack. Sure these tiny boundaries don’t help – but they can still get better at executing their skills,” Warne had tweeted.

Shane Warne and his Rajasthan Royals are up next against Royal Challengers Bangalore in Abu Dhabi on Saturday, October 3.

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