Home Cricket News “Shubman Gill Is A Lovely Kid, And I Am Keen To Help Him Grow” – Virat Kohli

“Shubman Gill Is A Lovely Kid, And I Am Keen To Help Him Grow” – Virat Kohli

“Shubman Gill Is A Lovely Kid, And I Am Keen To Help Him Grow” – Virat Kohli

Regarding his outstanding Test record against Australia, Virat Kohli recently made a comment.

Despite the fact that the Australian team is one of the best in the world, Virat has consistently outperformed them in games.

Virat Kohli explains why he has such a stellar record against Australia, saying it “increases my motivation a lot”.

On Tuesday, hours before the World Test Championship (WTC) final against Australia, Virat Kohli referred to Shubman Gill as a “lovely kid” with “an amazing skill set.”.

The former captain downplayed the titles of “King” and “Prince” that Indian fans attach to the couple, referring to it as merely entertainment.

Virat Kohli Discusses The King-Prince Relationship Before The WTC Final

As a more experienced player, Kohli said his role is to simply assist the 23-year-old in realizing his potential. He praised Gill’s eagerness to learn.

“These tags of king and prince and all of that kind of stuff are great for the public and spectators to see. But I think the job of any senior player is to help improve the youngsters. And give them the insight you have had throughout your career”, according to Kohli.

“As long as a guy is keen to learn like him. He will be fine because he wants to learn how to do this for a very long time at the highest level and perform consistently,” he continued.

“He is a sweet young man and he is playing incredibly well. I hope he keeps up this form in this Test match So that he can play for a long time, perform consistently, and benefit India cricket. I am eager to help him develop, fully realize his potential, and come into his own”.

Further praising Shubman Gill’s temperament, Virat Kohli stated that their relationship is built on respect.

“He is extremely eager to learn and has an amazing skill set for his age. So He speaks to me a lot about the game”.

“He is incredibly talented, has the temperament to perform at the highest level, and exudes confidence. We have a respect-based relationship and understanding“.

Both The duo had successful IPL seasons, will be essential to India’s chances against Australia in the WTC final at The Oval. On June 7, the game will begin at 3 IST.

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