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Sunil Gavaskar Supports Justin Langer Calls Australian Players Brats For Shifting Blame On Coach After Series Loss

Sunil Gavaskar Justin Langer
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Sunil Gavaskar has come in support of Australia coach Justin Langer after he is being targeted after the Test series loss to India. According to some reports, the Aussie players were troubled with the style of coaching of Langer during the gruelling series. It is believed that several players were unhappy with Langer’s management style, owing to his “intensity and mood swings”.

Australia lost the series by a margin of 2-1 after comprehensively winning the opening Test at Adelaide. It is assumed the home players were unable to cope up with the intensity of Langer’s coaching as they had to stay in the bio-bubble for a long time.

These stories portrays Australia players as brats- Sunil Gavaskar

A report in the Sydney Morning Herald stated, “Dressing-room sources say that over a gruelling summer, Langer’s management style wore thin with some players, who on top of having to live in a bubble for months on end say they have become drained by his intensity and mood swings.”

Sunil Gavaskar who closely followed the Test series has slammed such reports and tagged Aussie players as ‘brats’. The former cricketer maintains that not the coach but all the players are responsible for the series loss against India. He called such reports as utter rubbish and asserted players are responsible for the below-par performances in the big series.

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“The leaks to the media about Langer actually reflects badly on the Australian team as it portrays them as brats who can’t accept they were outplayed and so need to shift the blame elsewhere”, wrote Sunil Gavaskar in his column for Mid-day.

“Stories planted in the media by the players or their agents or managers are making out that it was Langer’s intensity and passion that had the players under pressure and so affected their game. This is utter rubbish as once the players are out on the field, the coach can do nothing and the players themselves have to find the answers to the questions asked by the opposition”, Gavaskar added.

Meanwhile, Gavaskar concluded by saying that Langer and his advisory group could only be blamed for their decision to bat first in the second Test at MCG. Apart from that Gavaskar strongly holds that it’s the Aussie players who are bound and shall be criticised for the Test series loss to India.

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