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Team India”s most loyal fan Dharamveer Pal will no longer be seen as ball boy

One of Indian Cricket Team”s most loyal fan Dharamveer Pal will no longer be seen as a ball boy in India”s matches. Dharamveer is a 23-year-old differently abled cricket fan who travels to every city where team India plays.

In the first ODI vs New Zealand at Wankhede Dharamveer was denied the ball boy pass. However, he was given a ticket by one Indian player which meant he didn”t miss the match.

“I went to MCA and I was told that I won’t get the pass. I got a ticket from an Indian player. Mujhe match dekhne use Matlab hai. (I just want to watch the match), be it from the boundary rope or from the stands. I tried to ask MCA why they are not issuing a pass and I was told that there is some new BCCI rule. I have no complaint — whatever name I have earned in India is because of cricket. I have been cheering the Indian team for years now and will continue to do so,” he was quoted as saying by the Times Now.

Born in Monera district in Madhya Pradesh he was one of the six children in the family. Dharamveer suffers from severe muscle paresis and skeletal deformities. However, that hasn”t hindered him from traveling across the globe and watching cricket matches from the stadium.

Dharamveer”s journey started 12 years ago. It was 2005. India was playing Sri Lanka in Mohali. The then 11-year-old Dharamveer wanted to watch the match badly from the stadium and was ready to do whatever it takes. He set off on a train, with no food with him, only hoping that passengers will be kind enough to help him. He battled many difficulties in his way but eventually made it to the stadium and watched India play.

Dharamveer is not just a cricket fan who travels the world to support team India. The 23-year-old is the captain of Madhya Pradesh during tournaments conducted by the All India Cricket Association for the Physically Challenged.

– by Atharva Apte