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VIDEO: amazing video of Hashim Amla bowling off-spin

It is always fun to watch bowler”s try to take on their counterparts with the bat in the hand, the crowd cheering every single run as tailenders try to slog quick fast bowlers or mystery spinners is always one of the most interesting moments in the game of cricket.

But what about when a similar thing happens in reverse?  It”s way more fun and exhilarating to watch your favorite batsmen try their hand at opposite discipline.

We all have witnessed time and again what a mighty force Hashim Amla is with the bat. Watching mighty Hash wield his willow like an artist painting on canvas is one most satisfying thing for a cricket lover to see on a cricket field, but have you seen the great man bowl?

I bet most of you haven”t, so brace yourself up to see some pretty mediocre off-spin from Hashim Amla in this video. Australia was cruising with the bat and wicket taking was getting difficult, that”s when Amla decided to bowl some part-time off-spin, but it didn”t come out pretty well. In fact, it was a little funny, but no one is complaining.

Watch the video for yourself, here: