VIDEO: Freakiest run-out in cricket history, Zampa suffers broken nose

VIDEO: Freakiest run-out in cricket history, Zampa suffers broken nose: Melbourne Stars leg-spinner Adam Zampa suffers an injury after being struck by a ball hit by batsman in his nose and went on to knock the bails which resulted in a run-out in the most bizarre fashion.

The 23-year-old was bowling to Melbourne Renegades batsman Dwayne Bravo in the 13th over of their innings. Bravo slammed the ball straight down the pitch which hit the bat of non-striker’s and deviated its line to hit Zampa’s nose and then dislodged the bails. Peter Nevill was the non-striker who unfortunately featured in the most extraordinary run-out cricket has ever witnessed.

Adam Zampa extraordinarily effected a run-out in BBL (Pic Credits:

Zampa, who suffered from a bleeding nose said he was immediately aware that he had the batsman out. He was right away taken off the field.

Luckily Adam Zampa returned to the field and seemed relatively unhurt after being hit in the nose, receiving treatment for a bloodied and potentially broken nose. He then took the wicket of Aaron Ayre LBW just two balls after running Peter Nevill out with his nose.

Adam Zampa said: “When it first hit me I thought it was broken so I guess I”m pretty lucky. I”ve taken some strong painkillers and I”ll have to see how I wake up tomorrow. I”m pretty sure it”s fine. It”s not confirmed that it”s not broken, and I”ve taken some strong painkillers. Yeah, I don”t know if I”ll get an X-ray. He hit me flush and there was a bit of pain, I didn”t take anything until at least an hour after but it was ok.”




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