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VIDEO: Shocking dismissals in Ajman All-Stars League; ICC Anti-Corruption Unit is investigating a match

On 24th January 2018, Sharjah Warriors took Dubai Stars in T20 All-Stars League match that took place in UAE. Warriors batted first and scored a below par 136 in 20 overs. While chasing the target of 137, Dubai Stars batsmen did not bat properly, were bowled out for 46. The opposition batsmen gifted their wickets away by run outs and stumping method.

The cricketing world was left shocked with the way batsmen gifted their wickets away. Dubai Stars lost wickets at regular intervals. The first wicket of Dubai Stars innings was a stumping, the batsmen left the ball and the wicketkeeper stumped. It was a bad judgment of running by Dubai Stars players who did not make any effort to come back to the crease. The rest of wickets fell in the form of run outs and stumps.

Dubai Stars players looked out of order and looked like they fixed the match. The ICC Anti- Corruption Unit is investigating the video of the match from Ajman All-Stars League recently played in UAE.

ICC Anti-Corruption Unit manager Alex Marshall had ordered the body to investigate the matter. The tournament could not go beyond the first day as it was abandoned. It is a shameful thing that the players were not making effort. The tournament involved many players from South Asian countries and had no known international players.

It is sad to see match-fixing in cricket. The Anti- Corruption Unit would make efforts that the match would be checked and if players found guilty regarding match-fixing, then the players involved should not be allowed to play. Cricket is a game enjoyed by all top countries including India, South Africa, Australia, England and New Zealand.

This incident shows that players must enjoy the support and not spoil the game.

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