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VIDEO: This Virushka dancing moment is breaking the internet

Virat Kohli is one of the best Indian cricketers to have played the game, Virat has a proven record across all the formats.

Virat though is not only the best Indian cricketer on the park but off the field as well he is amongst the most loved cricketers by fans & followers of this game.

Virat is a household name, whose every move catches wide eyes by the general public and hence the media around the country.

Recently Virat got married in December and tied the knot after a long time relationship together with the famous Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma.

This was one of the most famous marriages recently, as this completed the journey of a famous cricketer and highly acclaimed Bollywood actress together in their love.

The marriage was the hot topic amongst the people and on various social media network.

The photos and videos of which are still quite viral, as Virat and Anushka invited their various other popular personalities from different fields to the occasion as well.

One moment that has been generally going viral is the dancing together of Virat & Anushka on various songs.

In another such video the couple has been seen dancing together, it was a video posted by a fan base of Virat on the social media network Instagram.

The video even after it has been over seventy-five days to the marriage went viral in a jiffy. With various people liking the video and commenting their love for it.

It was much appreciated how the couple has been carrying themselves together, the video just reiterated it amongst the public.

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Many more such moments of the whole wedding and reception are still so fond amongst the public and why not?, This has been a match made in heaven. We wish Anushka and Virat all the luck for a lovely and prosperous life together.