Home Cricket News [WATCH]-‘Please Don’t Call Me Chacha Because…’: 33-Year-Old Pakistani Batter Makes A Plea

[WATCH]-‘Please Don’t Call Me Chacha Because…’: 33-Year-Old Pakistani Batter Makes A Plea

[WATCH]-‘Please Don’t Call Me Chacha Because…’: 33-Year-Old Pakistani Batter Makes A Plea

Pakistan’s middle-order batsman Iftikhar Ahmed has a playful appeal to his fans. The 33-year-old cricketer prefers to be called by his name rather than the nickname “Chacha,” which means “uncle.”

Ahmed, recognized for his aggressive batting style, has become an essential player for Pakistan lately. However, his nickname appears mismatched with his demeanor on the field. In a recent interview, he addressed this amusingly, saying, “Please don’t call me Chacha; I’m still a young lad.”

Watch: The 33-year-old Pakistani batter requested, “Don’t call me ‘chacha’.”


Earlier, Ahmed had shared the origin of his nickname and said, “Look this is made by the people and like I said I don’t give much importance to what people say. There is a small story behind it and that happened in Zimbabwe when I was bowling and Taylor (Brendan) was batting and I was getting some spin.”

“I suggested to Babar that he should remove the midwicket fielder and position the square leg fielder deeper, as the spin might cause the ball to go towards square leg if he attempts a shot through midwicket.”

“Babar responded, saying he would hit the ball for a six. I reassured him, mentioning it’s just a regular delivery and nothing significant will happen. Eventually, he altered the fielders, and on the next delivery, when Taylor struck the ball, it went directly to square leg, resulting in his dismissal.”

“Babar was happy and called me ‘Chacha-e-Cricket’ because he thought I was smart. The microphones picked it up, so when I went back to my room, everyone was saying ‘Chacha-e-Cricket,’ and I didn’t know why.”

“Then, a friend explained that Babar’s words were picked up by the microphone. Until then, I didn’t get it. It’s like people spend a lot of money to build their brand, but ‘Chacha-e-Cricket’ just came to me for free, thanks to Allah,” Iftikhar remarked.

Subsequently, Babar confessed feeling “awkward” about it.

“Occasionally, I feel awkward that because of me, Iftikhar is now referred to as ‘Chacha,’ but I’m glad people find it amusing,” Babar stated during a press conference.

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