Home Cricket News WATCH: Shubman Gill’s Response To Ed Sheeran’s Girlfriend Query Goes Viral

WATCH: Shubman Gill’s Response To Ed Sheeran’s Girlfriend Query Goes Viral

WATCH: Shubman Gill’s Response To Ed Sheeran’s Girlfriend Query Goes Viral
Shubman Gill's Response To Ed Sheeran's Girlfriend Query Goes Viral

In a recent widely circulated video clip, the renowned singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran engaged in a playful exchange with the esteemed cricketer Shubman Gill, touching on various aspects of Gill’s career and personal life. The banter ensued as Sheeran, casually mentioning his plans to visit the residence of Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan, owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) cricket team, prompted Gill to humorously question why he wasn’t retained by the franchise during the IPL auction.

Gill, who had previously showcased his cricketing prowess with the Kolkata Knight Riders from 2018 to 2021 before transitioning to the Gujarat Titans and eventually ascending to the role of captain in 2024, injected wit and levity into the conversation with his quick-witted remark. The interaction, captured on camera, revealed a light-hearted rapport between the two personalities, as Sheeran quizzed Gill about his romantic entanglements, to which Gill responded with a nonchalant “No,” prompting Sheeran to jest that Gill was “on the market.”

Despite the jovial tone of the conversation, it underscored Gill’s multifaceted identity as both a talented cricketer and a figure of public interest, eliciting widespread attention on social media platforms. However, Gill’s on-field accomplishments often overshadowed by his charismatic off-field persona, as exemplified by his sterling performance during a recent Indian Premier League (IPL) match for the Gujarat Titans.

Shubman Gill sets the stadium ablaze with his knock against PBKS

During this particular encounter, Gill showcased his batting prowess with a scintillating half-century, amassing a commendable 89 runs off a mere 48 deliveries, embellished with an array of elegant strokes including six boundaries and four towering sixes. His stellar contribution played a pivotal role in propelling the Gujarat Titans to an imposing total of 199 for four against their opponents, the Punjab Kings.

Despite Gill’s heroic efforts with the bat, fate dealt a cruel hand as the Punjab Kings, led by the blistering batting display of Shashank Singh, managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Singh’s unbeaten 61 off 29 balls, complemented by Ashutosh Sharma’s rapid-fire 31 off 17 deliveries, orchestrated a remarkable comeback for the Punjab Kings, as they clinched a thrilling three-wicket win with just a solitary ball remaining.

Thus, while Gill’s on-field exploits continue to captivate audiences, his off-field charm and playful demeanor add an extra layer of intrigue to his burgeoning legacy in the realm of cricket and popular culture alike.

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