Home Videos [Watch] Smriti Mandhana Loses Her Cool In A Domestic Match vs Rajasthan

[Watch] Smriti Mandhana Loses Her Cool In A Domestic Match vs Rajasthan

[Watch] Smriti Mandhana Loses Her Cool In A Domestic Match vs Rajasthan
Smriti Mandhana

Smriti Mandhana is one of the most famous and talented players in women’s cricket not only in India but across the world. She is one of the most reliable and dependable batsman when it comes to batting and can win you matches from the jaws of defeat. Mandhana is still young and has a bright future ahead of her. She is also one of the people to be in consideration for the next Indian Women’s team captain.

Since there is no women’s international cricket going on right now. Smriti is busy taking part in the domestic T20 competition for Women. In a match between Maharashtra and Rajasthan, we saw a more angry side of Smriti as she was furious by the mode of her dismissal. Maharashtra was chasing a mediocre total set by Rajasthan and Smriti Mandhana wanted to make sure that she finished off the game for her side.

In the ninth over of the second innings, she was mankaded (or run-out due to the recent law changes). This made her angry and furious and was seen having a rather more heated exchange with the Rajasthan bowler and captain.

The run-out stood and Smriti had to return to the pavilion but her small cameo paved way for her side to take home the victory. Maharashtra won the match comfortably by eight wickets and a lot of balls to spare.

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This was a new side of Smriti that we witnessed and one that we might be seeing a lot in the future. This on a positive note, shows her determination to not gave her wicket away cheaply and passion to stay right till the end for her team.

There is no doubt that Smriti Mandhana will end up being one of the greatest ever batsman that the women’s cricket has ever seen. Such incidents shouldn’t affect her momentum at all and she should move on from this. The only goal in mind right now should be to help her team and how she contribute towards the success of her team.

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