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5 Cricketers Who Changed Their Religion

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5 Cricketers That Changed Their Religion

Religious beliefs have always played an influential role in human beings perception and cricketers are no different. It is not rare for us to see cricketers on the field looking up and praying after completing their century, bowing to the ground, making a holy cross, etc.

This practice is not limited to any particular player or religion, almost every player can be seen doing such religious acts on the field for his ideologies, because their belief is so strong and they have been doing so, since a long time, as an act of gratitude and kindness to their respective gods or idols.

Sometimes, just like us, cricketers also tend to change their religion because of their interests. we try to look at who are those 5 cricketers who took a bold step and decided to change their religion.

5 Cricketers Who Changed Their Religion

5. Mahmudul Hasan

Mahmudul Hasan

Bangladesh cricketer Mahmudul Hasan is the first name on this list of cricketers who shaped their religion. The 28-year-old has played loads of matches in first-class cricket. Hasan was part of the U-19 ICC world cup squad of Bangladesh and even the led the side in 2009 against Sri Lanka, England and Zimbabwe.

Later on, Hasan decided to transform from Muslim to Hindu religion and changed his name from Mahmudul Hasan to Vikash Ranjan Das. Interestingly once he seized the Hindu religion he was never picked in the Bangaladesh team again and has so far only played one Test match.

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