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5 Great Captains Who Failed To Win Any ICC Trophy

5 Great Captains Who Failed To Win Any ICC Trophy
AB de Villiers

In any team, a captain is the most influential player that every player looks up to. A great captain in cricket is judged with how many ICC trophies he has under his belt. ICC events whether it is the 50 overs World Cup, T20 World cup or the Champions trophy they are pinnacle events in cricket. The likes of MS Dhoni, Imran Khan, Ricky Ponting are regarded as great captains as they led their country to world cup triumphs. However, there are a few great captains who failed to win any ICC trophy. 

An ICC trophy separates the good captains from the great captains in Cricket. We have seen numerous great captains that unfortunately failed to win any ICC trophy as skipper. They might have had a great overall record as a leader but still that iconic moment of lifting an ICC trophy remained unfulfilled.

Here is the list of 5 great captains who failed to win any ICC trophy:

5. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli after the 2019 World Cup semi-finals loss.

Well, Virat Kohli is without a shadow of a doubt a great leader for team India. Kohli since taking the reigns as skipper from MS Dhoni has made India a colossal in international Cricket. But one thing that he till now hasn’t done is win an ICC trophy as captain. Make no mistake he still has chances to win it but till now, even Kohli would have loved an ICC trophy. He came close on two occasions first in the 2017 champions trophy and then last year in the world cup in England.

In the champions trophy final, a red hot Pakistan surprised India and humbled them in a one-sided final. Whereas in the world cup semis against New Zealand just a bad phase of 30 minutes at the start of Indian innings, cost them a place in the final. Kohli, the most successful Test captain of India will certainly hope to tick this major accomplishment soon.

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