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5 Most Arrogant Statements By Cricketers

arrogant statements by cricketers 5 Controversial Statements by Cricketers (PC_ Indianexpress)

The game of cricket is considered one of the classy games in the world. The game flares gentle and friendly behaviour between the cricketers on and off the field. But sometimes the game is stained by murky activities by the cricketers.

Arrogance and lack of humorous attitude create conflict between the cricketers. As the cricketers are respected as the idols, as idols they must remember the decorum to be maintained in front of the people. But as human beings make mistakes, the cricketers are no different. There are some incidents where the cricketers made controversial remarks.

Here, in this article, we will discuss five of the arrogant statements by some cricketers:

Marlon Samuels

Marlon Samuels Targets Ben Stokes
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West Indies lads are considered friendly guys on and off the field. But exceptional is everywhere. Marlon Samuels has been different from his compatriots. 

The former Windies all-rounder not only ranted against English all-rounder Ben Stokes but dragged his wife Clare into the conversation.

Stokes was recording an Indian Premier League podcast with Rajasthan Royals, and he said he won’t wish 14-day quarantine on anyone, not even on Samuels. Stokes said, “No, it’s that bad, that’s how tough it was”.

Samuels got unnecessarily enraged and wrote on his Instagram story, “no white boy could diss me in the sports and no get back diss look at this b*tch still thinking about me give me 14 days with you wife turn her into Jamaican in 14 seconds mate none of yall know me that simply means it’s my f***ing superior skin tone (sic).

Marlon Samuels faced the wrath of criticism after his comment.