The Indian Premier League and Virat Kohli is a match made in heaven. When the best batsman in the world bats in the biggest T20 league it’s always a sight to behold. Kohli has played the IPL since it’s inception in 2008 when the league was just an experiment. As soon as the IPL started getting bigger and better every year the legend of Kohli also reached unimaginable heights a batsman.

Currently, Virat Kohli is at the peak of his powers and his enthusiasts are waiting with bated breaths to once again showcase his incredible talent. The RCB official accounts on various social media platforms are finally providing a glimpse of Kohli batting in the nets as a result the excitement is now off the charts.

Records often follow Kohli when he is on the cricket field as he sets an unimaginable benchmark to scale for all his contemporaries. In the feature, we’ll look ahead at some of the most unbreakable records of Virat Kohli that he achieved in his IPL career so far.

5 Unbreakable Records Of Virat Kohli in IPL:

5. Four Centuries in Single IPL season

Virat Kohli

Well, in the 2016 edition of the IPL the world saw Kohli batting like a dream and absolutely toy with the bowling attack in almost every season. It was like watch Federer domination at Wimbledon in his prime or Jordan in NBA in the 90s.

It was a once in a lifetime season for Virat Kohli as he scored 4 centuries in a single IPL season. Cricket is a funny game and records are meant to be broken but some records are also meant to be immortal.

The world may never see a batsman score as many as 4 IPL hundreds in a single season. Even Kohli himself won’t be able to replicate his heroics of the 2016 IPL season as he broke several records left right and centre.

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