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Aakash Chopra Paid A Bill Of Nearly 7 lakh At A Restaurant


Uploading the pictures of our visit to a restaurant is quite common these days. While several people post the pictures of the recipes, there are a few who post the bill to make the audience aware of the surge in prices.

Aakash Chopra’s recent tweet went viral as it shook the entire social media. He posted a picture of his recent visit to a hotel at Bali. It is to be noted that the Indian commentator is currently enjoying his stay at Indonesian islands with his family.

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What caught the attention of the public is the amount he had to pay for the Indian recipes he consumed at the restaurant. It read “7,00,000”. He enjoyed a variety of Indian dishes including Kulcha, Panner Tikka and other famous north Indian vegetarian foods.

But the 40-year old actually played a prank. One Indonesian Rupiah accounts to 0.0047 Indian rupees and it can be understood that he had to pay just 3334/- INR for the same. The crowd really went mad at the first sight but finally understood that it was a game from Aakash.

This is not the first time that Indian cricketers are playing a prank in the social media. A month ago, viral videos of Virat getting his beard insured created a buzz across the internet. But he shattered all those and admitted the prank as it was a promotional documentary for Philips trimmer.

So how’s the prank from him? Did you enjoy it?