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Dubai Based Woman Accuses Shadab Khan Of Blackmailing And Threats

Dubai Based Woman Accuses Shadab Khan Of Blackmailing And Threats
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Pakistan all-rounder Shadab Khan made headlines yet again after a Dubai-based woman named Ashreena Safia has alleged him of blackmailing and threatening young girls. However, this isn’t the first time for him as he has been surrounded by allegations, including blackmailing and cheating on young girls before too.

However, Shadab Khan is currently in Australia, playing in the Big Bash League. In an interview with Cricketaddictor, Ashreena revealed how Shadab met her online back in 2019 and has started blackmailing since then.

As per Ashreena, “At first instance, Shadab Khan met me on Instagram back in 2019. He does this through his multiple fake accounts and fan pages present on social media wherein he approaches young girls and flattens them with his position and power.”

“Shadab called me to England in 2019 ahead of the ICC 2019 ODI World Cup and I accompanied the Pakistan Cricket Team throughout the World Cup. I met a lot of young Pakistan players who were a part of the World Cup squad and they used to be regular faces when Shadab and I went for dinner dates and that’s when Shadab and I started dating,” Ashreena further added.

“After dating each other for a few months, Shadab started behaving weirdly and I got to know about his other affairs too that he had been carrying on with the multiple social media accounts. This caused a huge rift between me and Shadab and things derailed from thereon,” Ashreena revealed.


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Meanwhile, things became worse for Ashreena and Shadab and she finally decided to part ways. However, that’s when Shadab showed his true colour and he started blackmailing Ashreena of posting her nudes online and threatening her to stay quiet about the relationship as well.

Meanwhile, after having no option, Ashreena opened up with proof in public that they were in a relationship through an Instagram post as well.

As per Ashreena, “After I made things public and Shadab found himself in hot water, he put in efforts to mend things. As COVID struck and the cricketing world came to a standstill, Shadab contacted me and apologized for his previous behaviour and we started dating each other once again.”

“Once again, when the cricketing corridors opened and the Pakistan Cricket Team started travelling, Shadab was back to his old antics wherein he would message young girls through his fake social media accounts and fan pages and ask them to either fulfil his desires or bear the brunt of his power and position,” Ashreena again added.

“Shadab took things to the next level this time as apart from threatening me of leaking my nudes on social media, he has threatened to take away my platform. As a social media influencer, I have 160K + followers and I make money through my Instagram. Because of his fame, he’s messaged multiple fan pages to report me as well as his friends to have my account deleted so I can be silenced which is taking advantage of his power because my truth deserves to be said,” Ashreena concluded.

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