Home Cricket News “If They Produce Fair Indian Wickets, Australia Will Win Border Gavaskar Trophy” – Ian Healy

“If They Produce Fair Indian Wickets, Australia Will Win Border Gavaskar Trophy” – Ian Healy

“If They Produce Fair Indian Wickets, Australia Will Win Border Gavaskar Trophy” – Ian Healy
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Former Australian cricketer Ian Healy has backed the Aussies to win the Border Gavaskar Trophy, which begins on February 9 at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium in Nagpur. He expressed that the visitors have a good chance if India produces fair wickets for the series. India has won the Border Gavaskar Trophy thrice consecutively, winning at home once, and twice in Australia.

Speaking on ‘SENQ Breakfast’, Ian Healy expressed that India should produce fair wickets, which are good batting initially, and later suit the spinners. He added if the wickets are such, Australia might win the Border Gavaskar Trophy this team. Healy said,

“I think if they produce fair Indian wickets, that are good batting wickets, to start with, (that) probably spin and spin pretty consistently but spin a long way, late in the match we (Australia) win.” 

“I’m worried about (Mitchell) Starc and (Nathan) Lyon in the first Test if they’re unfair wickets which I’ve seen in the last series, where balls were jumping ridiculously and sliding down low from day one, I think India play those conditions better than us,” he added.

Ian Healy further advised the Australian players to not get bogged down by the pressure in the high-octane series. He said,

“I want the players to be very aware if they are escaping that pressure (from the locals) if you’re escaping that pressure and hiding in your room using the golf simulator I think you’ve got to do something else.”

“That’s an escape, you shouldn’t be doing it, you’re dodging, just be very aware of what you are feeling at any given time. Immerse yourself before you really get to deploy your technique don’t drop catches, fielding can be difficult over there,” he added.

Chances don’t come along as easy in India: Ian Healy

Former Australian cricketer Ian Healy further warned Australia to not let go of any of the chances. He expressed that on Indian wickets, chances don’t come easily, and its important to hold onto those. Ian Healy said to ‘SENQ Breakfast’,

“What happens in India, to get ten wickets, you’ll only get ten chances, whereas in Australia with bounce, carry, and speed you can create 13 chances and you can waste a couple but they don’t come along as easy in India.”

“I just think they have to live and breathe that pressure and have a philosophy over there,” he added.

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