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INDvSL: Twitter Reacts To Sri Lankan Smog Drama

We have seen lots of interesting and bizarre things on a cricket field, but what the whole world saw at Ferozshah Kotla in Delhi on Sunday was one of the most unique as well as unheard things on a cricket field.

The play was halted due to air pollution, Sri Lankan players feeling unwell and skipper Chandimal complaining about air quality and urging the umpires to stop play, all this while Indian players and crowd having no such issues, also skipper Kohli wanting to continue batting. The theatrics on display were a close match to a circus show and although the air quality in the capital is far from okay, Sri Lankan players including their skipper went overboard with their reactions and created some unnecessary drama.

This seemingly pre-meditated plans did work as they got the wickets of Ashwin and Skipper Kohli after the continuous interruptions. But the captain Chandimal didn”t stop complaining and in the end, forced unhappy Kohli to declare and put an end to the ruckus in the middle.

Twitter though admitting the fact about the air quality in Delhi being poor was not happy with Sri Lankan”s tactics and went into full-on troll mode.

Here are all the reactions from Twitter to smog stopping play drama of Sri Lankans: