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IPL 2020: Watch – Aaron Finch Spotted Smoking In The Dressing Room

IPL 2020: Watch – Aaron Finch Spotted Smoking In The Dressing Room
Aaron Finch

The Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Rajasthan Royals match in IPL 2020 was action-packed. The afternoon match grabbed a lot of eyeballs and AB de Villiers and Virat Kohli took their side home. Especially de Villiers who once again justified why he is a once in a generation batsman.

Meanwhile, action not only transpired on the field but shockingly off the field as well. It was during the closing stages of the match when a huge controversy sparked and Aaron Finch was at the centre of it all.

In the final over of the match, the camera shifted focus to catch the emotions of the RCB players in the dressing room. However, the scenes which were recognised astounded everyone and it is likely to land the RCB opener in trouble.

Aaron Finch Seen Smoking During The Match

Finch was spotted casually smoking from an electric vape during the live match. This was extremely unusual as players are not allowed to smoke or consume alcohol in any form in the team’s dressing room. In finch’s case, him smoking while the match was going on the field was unexpected, to say the least.

The video of Finch has now got viral on all social media platforms which will surely put him under the scanner. Not only Aaron Finch but also the RCB management might be questioned regarding this unexpected conduct. The players are surely not allowed to consume smoke from an electric hookah during the match.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see what clarification the RCB franchise and Finch provide about the infamous incident. Several other RCB players were also spotted nearing to finch but no one looked under any pressure.

Moreover, Finch was seen with a smirk on his face and he enjoyed a marvellous show from AB De Villiers who won his side the crucial match.

Watch The Video:

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