See Photos Of Kieron Pollard’s Extravagant Bungalow In West Indies

Check of photos of Kieron Pollard's lavish bungalow where he resides with his wife Jenna and adorable three kids.

Kieron Pollard is undoubtedly one of the most popular international cricketers in India. The big fella from Trinidad has entertained stadiums all around India during the IPL. Pollard much like other cricketers from the Caribbean possess a swagger which attracts everyone when he plays cricket. The 33-year-old hits boundaries and sixes with an utmost nonchalance which has now made him an all-time great T20 batsman.

Each year Pollard plays a pivotal role for 5-time IPL champions Mumbai Indians. The destructive batsman over the years have won matches for MI single-handedly and the scary part is that he continues to get better with age. Off the field, Pollard is a gentle giant who likes spending time with his adorable family and closed ones. Pollard likes to stay away from the glitz and glamour and prefers to spend quality living with his wife and three kids in his immense palace in West Indies.

Kieron Pollard resides in a sumptuous villa in wide acres of space in the West Indies. Pollard time and time again on Instagram gives a glimpse of his enviable bungalow where he posts photos with his family. Pollard is certainly an ideal family man who always make time for celebrations and his loved ones even with a jammed cricketing schedule.

As far as Pollard’s estate is concerned it is a perfect holiday residence inbuilt with all the state of the art facilities. The primary appeal, apart from the impressive car parked in the self-parking, is the enormous swimming pool and the garden. The pool, created strategically, makes for a great backdrop for photographs, best for a pool party and even for a delightful morning dip.

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The bungalow of Pollard is an open property where the interiors of his house are always bathed in sunshine His kids are often seen in photos playing some soccer and a bit of cricket with their dad in their spacious yard. The gigantic property is nothing short of a dream where Pollard with his wife Jenna spend most of their vacations away from the hustle and bustle. Check out photos of Kieron Pollard’s mansion which will take you closer to his dream family house in the West Indies.

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See Photos Of Kieron Pollard’s Lavish Bungalow

Kieron Pollard with his wife Jenna.

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