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MS Dhoni Has Given His Heart And Soul To Chennai Super Kings – Gautam Gambhir 

MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni

It has been a mediocre IPL 2020 season for MS Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings. Under Dhoni, this is the first-ever time the franchise has failed to qualify of playoffs in IPL history. Former India cricketer Gautam Gambhir recently admitted that MS Dhoni has given his heart and soul to his precious franchise. 

Gambhir who had an interesting rivalry with Dhoni in IPL lauded him for making CSK one of the top sides in the league. According to Gambhir, it’s the mutual respect between Dhoni and owners which has been the prominent reason for their success. 

Gambhir said, “I keep saying that why CSK is CSK is because of the relationship between the owners and the captain. They have given all the freedom to MS, and MS has received all the mutual respect from the owners as well.”

“What he has done for the franchise and how the franchise actually deals with MS and treats MS is a fabulous relationship”, he added. 

MS Dhoni Has Been Loyal Towards To CSK – Gautam Gambhir

However, CSK is now expected to go through a transition phase and many have predicted that Dhoni might decide to quit captaincy. Gautam Gambhir on the other hand firmly believes that Dhoni will continue to lead CSK till the time he decides to play. 

“So I would not be surprised if they continue with MS and MS plays till the time he wants to play. And then next year he still continues to be the captain and have a much different squad than what he has this time around.”

“MS has won them three trophies, couple of Champions Leagues, he has made them one of the top successful sides in the IPL after Mumbai Indians,” Gautam Gambhir told ESPNCricinfo.

Meanwhile, after a lacklustre IPL season, CEO of CSK Kashi Viswanath has already made it very clear of maintaining Dhoni as captain. Gambhir pointed out that Dhoni deserves to lead CSK as he has given his sleepless nights over the years while leading the franchise. 

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“So CSK saying they are going to continue with MS – it is just the relationship, it is just the mutual respect. That’s why MS has been so loyal. That’s why MS has given everything: heart and soul, his sweat, sleepless nights – I’m sure he must have had sleepless nights while he has continued captaining CSK,” Gambhir concluded. 

Furthermore, CSK will be hoping to win their remaining two matches and end the season on a high. Today, Chennai Super Kings will be facing the Kolkata Knight Riders at Dubai International stadium. 

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