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Sunil Gavaskar Opines Change Of Rule In T20s For Bowlers

Sunil Gavaskar Opines Change Of Rule In T20s For Bowlers

Former India Opener Sunil Gavaskar has vouched for a change in rule in T20s for the bowlers as over the years variations in cricket have drastically evolved. From the stock ball to slower ball to leg cutters the bowlers have come out with various variations to fox the batsmen.

Another variation widely used by the bowlers these days is the bouncer, a bouncer sometimes bowled to unsettle the batsmen with some unexpected bounce. Some players like Rohit Sharma play the bouncers well but there are some players like Suresh Raina who have struggled with bouncers.

Another part of the bouncer is the danger that comes along with it as it can cause harm to the batsmen. In the past, we’ve seen how Phil Hughes lost his life after being struck by a bouncer during a Shield game. Thus, after the tragic tragedy of Phil Hughes, people were of the opinion that bouncers should be completely banned in cricket with the danger it poses to the players.

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Batsmen Have Been Way Too Dominant In Recent Past: Sunil Gavaskar

But nowadays we find fast bowlers using the bouncers more often than not, but the rule of one bouncer per over restricts the count of bouncers per over. Now, Sunil Gavaskar has come out in support of those fast bouncers who have been bowling the bouncer so well and so effectively.

The former India opener is of the opinion that since T20 cricket is in the pink of health at the moment, two bouncers should be allowed to at least in the T20 format. As we have seen far too much dominance from the batsmen over the years playing with heavy bats and shorter boundaries.

As a result, Sunil Gavaskar feels that the bowlers also should have some sort of advantage while bowling to the batsmen in the T20 format. He further added that allowing two bouncers might just ease off the pressure off the bowlers.

“The legendary Sunil Gavaskar believes that T20 cricket doesn’t need much tinkering as it is in “pink of health” but custodians of the game can consider allowing two bouncers per over, moving ahead.

The shortest format, over the years, has witnessed the dominance of batsmen across the globe with bowlers having little to play for on flat decks with short boundaries. Does he foresee see a rule change to ease the pressure off bowlers? “The T20 game is doing very well and there’s no need to tinker with it,” said former India batsmen Sunil Gavaskar

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