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These Pakistani players are big fans of Virat Kohli

We all know that Indian captain Virat Kohli has millions of fans all around the world. India and Pakistan are the two countries where the genius batsman is most loved. Although the relations between the two arch-rivals are not great and fans from both the countries can be regularly seen mocking opposition players of both the countries and fighting over cricket on social media, Virat Kohli is one man who is equally admired from the people of both sides of the border.

Kohli has a massive Fan following from across the border too, also his comments regarding Pakistan cricket have always been positive and full of appreciation. But surprisingly now a couple of players themselves of Pakistan cricket team have revealed that they are big fans of the right-handed superstar batsman.

Virat Kohli shakes hands with Shadab Khan (Pic Source: Getty Images)

In a recent episode of popular web series “Breakfast with Champions”, Kohli referred to Pakistani fast bowlers Mohammad Irfan and Shoaib Akhtar as the most challenging fast bowlers for him to play against. Kohli told the show host Gaurav that Irfan because of his height was very tough to bat against and Shoaib Akhtar even later in his career was very fast when observing from the non-striker”s end. Kohli, who has never played against Akhtar, said he looked lethal in a match in Dambulla

In reply to this gracious praise from the world”s best batsman, both the Pakistani pacers were very thankful and praised the Indian skipper for his unmatched batting ability.

Irfan mentioned Kohli as a gentleman whereas the legend Shoaib Akhtar went a notch higher and tweeted that he was lucky to have not bowled to a batsman like Kohli.

Kohli with his humility off the field and exemplary batting skills on it is earning the respect of cricketers and experts around the globe. He has already managed to get past the great the great Ricky Ponting in terms of century count in ODIs.