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VIDEO: A crazy fan of Rohit Sharma breaches security and falls at his feet


While one of the fans tried to kiss Virat in the second test at Hyderabad, another devotee of Rohit Sharma has tried to perform the same stunt over him.

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Rohit, who is playing for Mumbai in the quarterfinals of Vijay Hazare trophy, encountered a weird experience. A fan came over the found and touched his feet to seek his blessings. However, his attempts to kiss him on the cheeks went unsuccessful.

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(Photo Source: BCCI)

What actually matters the most here is the way the picture is trending in the social media. Ritika, the wife of Rohit posted in her Instagram story that she has found another competitor than Chahal.

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This isn’t the first time when Ritika and Chahal are involved in a funny conversation. On several occasions, whenever Chahal posted pics thanking Rohit, Ritika was seen expressing her jealousy in a funny manner across the social media. But this incident from them has certainly turned out to be a laughter.

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Rohit Sharma had just a little to do as Mumbai defeated Bihar with ease to progress to the semifinals of Vijay Hazare trophy.

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