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VIDEO: This video of an umpire dancing in the middle is a laugh riot

Who is the most entertaining umpire in the history of cricket? Billy Bowden comes to our mind first! Billy had his own quintessential, funny way of signaling fours and sixes. His ‘Tedi Ungal’ (crooked finger) became a popular advertisement during 2011 World Cup.

Umpire Billy Bowden signals a 6 (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

But now an umpire from Maharashtra is giving Billy Bowden a real toughie! A video is going viral on social media where an umpire is seen dancing outrageously during the course of the match.

The video is believed to be a local tournament in Panvel named Valap tournament’s 2016 edition. The batsmen are at their crease. As the loud music plays in the background, the umpire gets his Micheal Jackson mode on.

Watch Here:-


He is doing it all and entertaining the crowd. As the game is progressing, in between the deliveries bowled and in between overs, the umpire is seen running on to the entire ground and trying to get the crowd into the game with his dance moves.


It looked very comical to see an umpire hitting the dance floor during the course of a cricket match. Who said only those who can smack big sixes are entertainers?

– by Atharva Apte