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[Watch]- Shahid Afridi And Shaheen Afridi Play Cricket At A Farmhouse

Shaheen Afridi Shahid Afridi
Shaheen Afridi Shahid Afridi

Former Pakistan all rounder Shahid Afridi and current Pakistan superstar pacer Shaheen Shah Afridi faced off each other in a mini battle in the farmhouse of Shahid Afridi. Former Pakistan all-rounder challenged Shaheen for a cricket match.

Shahid Afridi was seen with bat in hand, while Shaheen Afridi had the ball in hand. Shahid smashed Junior Afridi for a few sixes. He showed that he still has in him to hit those long sixes even at this age. Shahid Afridi emerged as the winner of this battle where he dominated Shaheen.

Before facing each other in cricket battle, Shahid Afridi also tried his hands at Snooker. He hit a perfect shot while playing it. Shaheen Afridi was very much impressed with the shot of Shahid. He was in awe of this brilliant accurate shot hit by Senior Afridi. 

It looked like Shahid has good experience of Snooker too. Shaheen Afridi posted a video of it on his social media account with the caption, “Family Fun time @SAfridiOfficial “. Recently there were rumours that Shaheen Afridi would marry the daughter of Shahid Afridi.

“I want to focus on my cricket currently”- Shaheen Afridi

When asked about the rumours of him marrying the daughter of Shahid Afridi , Shaheen Afridi said that he is currently focusing on his international cricket and wants to win matches for his country. Currently he isn’t focusing on marriage.

Shaheen Afridi is currently enjoying his time off the field after a successful ODI series against West Indies. The next big challenge for Shaheen Afridi would be the Test series tour to Srilanka. It would be a good challenge for him to prove his worth on Srilankan pitches. He would lead the pace attack of Pakistan on Srilanka tour.

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