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3 Times Virat Kohli Proved That He Is The Biggest Team Player

3 Times Virat Kohli Proved That He Is The Biggest Team Player
Virat Kohli. (Photo: Getty Images)

Virat Kohli is a true superstar of modern cricket and has excellent record in all three formats of the game. The former Indian skipper was in poor form in the past few years but he has regained his old form in the Asia Cup 2022 in the UAE.

Due to Virat Kohli’s consistent performances, he is immensely popular among cricket lovers. While Virat is known for his never-give-up attitude on the field, he has also proven time and time again that he values team spirit.

Recently, Kohli asked Dinesh Karthik to keep the strike despite being close to his half-century in the second T20I against South Africa. Virat has won the hearts of cricket lovers many times before with his team spirit.

On that note, let’s take a look at three times Virat Kohli proved that he is the biggest team player.

#1 Virat Kohli declaring on unbeaten 254

In 2019, the South African team came to India for a Test series. Virat Kohli scored a brilliant double century in the Test match in Pune during this series. On the second day of the match, Virat was batting on 254 runs with more than an hour left in the day’s play.

Virat Kohli had a chance to complete his triple century but he decided to declare the innings and invited the tired South African batsmen to bat and the Indian bowlers benefited from this.

#2 Virat Kohli asking Ravi Shastri to declare when he was on 97*

During a Test match against Sri Lanka at Eden Gardens in 2017, Virat Kohli won the hearts of cricket lovers. His antics both on and off the field has earned him love and respect from fans and this incident once again proved his selflessness and his commitment towards his team.

The talismanic scorer was batting on 97 runs on the last day of the match. Kohli asked head coach Ravi Shastri to declare the innings and not think about his hundred. However, Shastri insisted Virat to complete his century by batting three more overs. This selfless nature of Virat was much appreciated even then.

#3 Telling Mayank Agarwal to go for 300 after the batter reached double hundred

During a Test match against Bangladesh in Indore in 2019, Mayank Agarwal scored a massive double century. When Mayank completed his double century, Virat Kohli, who was the captain of the team back then, asked Mayank from the dressing room to make it a triple century.

Although Mayank could not complete his triple century, he scored a brilliant knock of 243 runs, including 28 fours and eight sixes.

Written by Parag Mogale

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